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Our collection process

STEP 1 - Book a collection

Booking a collection is a snap. Simply book online or call us describing the quantity and type of equipment you need collected.

STEP 2 - Scheduling

Our collection vehicle is dispatched arriving on time and ready to work. You tell us what you need removed and we'll do the rest.

STEP 3 - Return to base

1800RECYCLE® now returns to base unloading our daily computer collections for documenting, categorising and sorting.

STEP 4 - Our recycling filter

Every item finds a new home. We achieve this by reusing, refurbishing, donating, upcycling or downcycling items collected using our recycling filter and key partners.

STEP 5 - De-manufacturing

We now begin de-manufacturing your electronic waste back into subcomponents. We search for materials such as metals, plastics and other recyclable items.

STEP 6 - Mission Zero™

We work hard to achieve a 98% by weight recoverable target, however not all material can be recycled during de-manufacturing resulting in some going to landfill.