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Marco's passions

IT industry

Network administrator to internal office of 120 staff and engineer building client servers.

IT industry - Cont..

The monster compaq proliant ML series servers with MCSE 2000 training books in the background.

IT industry - Cont..

I still remember when windows 2000 server came along and what a relief after NT 4.0 BSOD issues.

IT industry - Cont..

My excitment as we landed a large client that could allow us to begin playing with fibre and GBIC's.

Wooden Toys

Started a toy importing and manufacturing company in 2007 using original designs with wood sourced from New Zealand.

Hong Kong

A trade fair visit in Hong Kong resulted in distributing a soccer board game designed and manufactured in Germany.

CNC router

Increasing demand for unique and custom designs resulted in a complete ground up build of a full sized CNC router.

LEGO fan

A lifelong LEGO enthusiast. LEGO allows creative building particularly the technics series such as the UNIMOG pictured.

Helicopter pilot

Nothing is more exhilarating than a large radio controlled electric helicopter.