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Our difference

1800RECYCLE® has a different approach to eWaste recycling utilising innovative cost effective formulas to help companies dispose of electronic waste.

We work closely with your asset team and thrive when working closely with your IT department ensuring the best outcome for you and the environment.

No exporting

1800RECYCLE® does not engage in exporting eWaste to other countries for processing by unregulated processors and recyclers. All our collections are sorted, graded, aggregated and prepared for downstream recyclers all located right here Australia such as SIMS Metals.

Some of the eWaste we collect may cost us money to properly recycle. These costs are covered within our standard collection rates and offers you the confidence that when we collect from you, we have close working relationships with only Australian based recyclers.

In most cases, we are not able to offer free collections on the basis that our working relationship with Australian recyclers can involve costs to properly process. These costs are covered by our affordable eWaste collection pricing.

You Call - We Collect™

1800RECYCLE® prides itself on providing professional, meticulously organised computer recycling services across the Melbourne CBD and suburbs. We roam Melbourne on call, ready to collect and recycle computers and eWaste.

We come to you and work when you don't especially for organisations that prefer after hours collections. 1800RECYCLE® computer collections are undertaken by uniformed personal ready to get to work.

Our collection services are affordable and designed to be easily accessed. We thrive on small collections and enjoy delighting customers especially those that call us again becoming valued repeat customers.

This means you can clean up the whole home or office of cables, connectors, computers and electronics all for a small door to door all inclusive collection cost.

Trained technicians

Recycling of eWaste is now a specialty industry requiring very specific specialist skills. Our staff are experts in both IT systems engineering complimented by a working knowledge of computer repair.

Holding internal specialist knowledge of IT systems infrastructure sets us apart. We not only know how to install all your IT equipment; we also know how to remove, decommission and recycle it.

Computer removals

1800RECYCLE® can also service clients that are wishing to relocate and need specialist removal services for sensitive computer equipment.

This service is popular because we work closely with your asset team that tags items for relocating and those that require disposal and recycling.

1800RECYCLE® uses lockable segmented cages to distinguish the disposed equipment from the equipment requiring removal and relocating.

Photocopier removals

1800RECYCLE® can organise a photocopier removal or photocopier recycling service directly from your office or home. No matter if you are located up stairs or in tight places your photocopier will be removed by an expert team that specialises in photocopier removal and recycling.

Data destruction

Rapid, simple and secure data destruction using physical destruction, shredding or degaussing methods onsite or off.

Serial numbers of tape media, hard drives and solid state devices are recorded prior to data destruction. A certificate of destruction is issued ensuring full chain of custody satisfying internal compliance.

Data destruction, data erasing and data sanitising is performed by DataZero™ which is owned and operated by 1800RECYCLE®.

Faulty hard disks

How do you securely erase and sanitise hard disks that are faulty?

With 1800RECYCLE® and our NSA certified degaussing equipment does not need software or power to the drive to achieve secure data destruction.

Degaussing emits a massive magnetic pulse directly through the hard drive destroying the magnets, motor and data on the platter that contains your sensitive information.

Cash for computers

If your preferred outcome is to recover value in your computer assets working or not, 1800RECYCLE® can assist by appraising your inventory for purchase.

1800RECYCLE® will collect, clean, data erase and re-image computers back to factory default. They are then prepared ready for resale with a percentage profit share or we can buy your entire computer inventory at an outright agreed price.

We can create a balance of refurbishing computers that are still new and recycling those that are faulty or out of date.

Call 1800RECYCLE® to discuss the cash for computers buying service. We can also come to you for a no obligation computer asset appraisal.

Industry compliance

1800RECYCLE® only partners with Australian based top tier down stream recyclers that comply with all state and federal environmental laws.

From collection to disposal, peace of mind is obtained using only Australian based companies providing an open and clear chain of custody.


Our attitude to collections and recycling is simple and concise. We work when you don't.

We work seamlessly with infrastructure teams to decommission and remove IT equipment at any hour of the day. New equipment goes in, 1800RECYCLE® takes it out. No storage, no fuss and a predictable fully managed disposal outcome is achieved.

Computer relocations

Office relocations, expansions and closures can be both difficult and stressful to manage. Experience shows that when items are tagged for relocation, large quantities of redundant computer equipment can be left behind.

1800RECYCLE® works seamlessly with removalists when collecting computers and eWaste left behind. You are left with complete peace of mind knowing your move will occur faster all without the need for skips or bins.

Pay as you throw™

1800RECYCLE® is pioneering Australia's first Pay as you throw™ recycling model for eWaste collections and disposal across residential and commercial customers.

The Pay as you throw™ is incredibly simple to understand and benefits everyone who is thinking of recycling computers or ewaste because you only get charged for what you throw or dispose.

The incredibly simple 1800RECYCLE® pricing model for eWaste collection is based on a 'per item' platform so you know exactly what your costs for computer collection and recycling will be at all times.

Asset removal

End of lease financed equipment using a fully bar-coded inventory management systems are used to remove, track and dispose of your IT assets.

We can provide you options to re-use, refurbish, donate or destroy equipment.

Providing you flexible options when disposing of your eWaste is all part of the 1800RECYCLE® winning formula we work towards.

We are fastidious in ensuring all stakeholders are constantly updated, remain in control and are provided with outcomes exactly to specification.

Chain of custody

Certificates of destruction, bar-coded inventory management, weights and measures are recorded ensuring full chain of custody should disposal data be required for future audits.

Reverse IT department

We like to think of 1800RECYCLE® as your reverse IT department. We know how busy your IT department can be, always in demand across multiple departments and projects.

1800RECYCLE® are experts in removal, dismantling and decommissioning working closely and assisting your IT team with new equipment cut over's or relocations.

Licensed dealer

For absolute complete peace of mind, 1800RECYCLE® is a licensed second hands goods dealer.

Registration number SHD-0014739.

We have been police checked, identity verified and approved to trade in computers, copper, gold and commodities associated with the recycling of computers and electronics.

Computer refurbishing

1800RECYCLE® is a Microsoft registered refurbisher and has expertise in Apple computer products.

If your preferred environmental outcome is refurbishing and remarketing your assets, 1800RECYCLE® can provide the right platform to achieve your recovery forecast.

Collection, testing, cleaning, secure data erasing, asset tag removal and installing fresh operating systems are all part of the 1800RECYCLE® refurbishing service.


We work confidentially, discreetly and blend seamlessly into your active business working environment. Staff are instructed to put mobiles on silent and are not allowed to answer phone calls whilst in attendance.

Our staff are clean, organised, uniformed and have passed police security checks prior to employment.

Loose hard drives

1800RECYCLE® specialises in the collection, erasing and recycling of loose hard disk drives.

Experience tells us that IT technicians hold vast amounts of loose hard disks which are mostly faulty or redundant technology.

1800RECYCLE® can either undertake a 3 or 7 pass Dod 5220.22-M wipe or if faulty, magnetically degauss the device.

You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your sensitive company data is not loose and roaming across repair centres or the server room.