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We strive to be Australia's most trusted eWaste and computer recycler by ensuring our customers always have their identities, data and assets protected.

Computer shop

1800RECYCLE® collected and recycled computer parts from a computer shop that built custom made sound juke boxes and media servers.

IT consultancy

1800RECYCLE® collected and recycled servers, SAN storage devices, desktops and printers in a store room from a high end IT services consultancy company.

IT support

1800RECYCLE® was called to securely erase and destroy data on faulty hard disk drives sourced from servers in datacentres and commercial organisations.

Office relocations

1800RECYCLE® was called to clean up after a 'make good' clause required all cabling and internal walls to be removed including the server room.

Government department

1800RECYCLE® was called to inspect computer monitors accumulated over a period of 10 years and kept in various locations across the site.

Aviation services

1800RECYCLE® was called to collect and recycle a 40" container full of computers dating back to the early 1990's after being used as a outdoor storeroom.

Maintenance company

1800RECYCLE® was called to work with a maintenance company when internal cabling was upgraded from CAT 5e to fibre optic direct to the SAN.

Monitoring company

1800RECYCLE® collected and recycled 20 year Netrix switching equipment used in the monitoring of vehicles before the cut over to a full digital system.

IT solutions provider

1800RECYCLE® took delivery and recycled 340 units of Hewlett Packard DL380 G4 rack mount servers from decommissioned data centres.

Travel company

1800RECYCLE® collected from a city travel company that consolidated multiple smaller offices into a single data centre resulting in redundant equipment.

Data processing company

1800RECYCLE® was required to securely erase using NSA certified degaussing six shelves of FC-AL, SCSI and SAS hard disk drives on decommissioned equipment.

National safety retailer

1800RECYCLE® was called to assist a national safety retailer in relocating by collecting 7 pallets of old computer and server equipment in under 2 hours.

Computer wholesaler

1800RECYCLE® was called to collect redundant and faulty equipment from an IT wholesaler that also specialised in applications, web hosting and servicing.

IT wholesaler

1800RECYCLE® was called to inspect a pallet load of redundant and mainly faulty IBM xSeries servers from a warehouse specialising in computer sales and repair.

Electronics repair company

1800RECYCLE® was called to review a bulk lot of end of life eWaste from an electronics repair company specialising in computer and printer repairs.

Mobile computer support

Many businesses are run from home and this computer support company was no different having over 30+ desktops stored in a workshop shed.

IT networks manufacturer

1800RECYCLE® was called to review the contents of in excess of 50cbm of eWaste material comprising of network switching devices and electronic components.

National IT logistics company

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove seven pallets of end of life datacentre equipment and desktops from their national office and warehouse in Melbourne.

Melbourne datacentre

1800RECYCLE® was called to decommission two racks of Hitachi SAN devices comprising of switches, routers, IBM servers and UPS devices.

Girls secondary school

A Melbourne based girls secondary school changed their computing model to a 1:1 laptop policy resulting in 250+ desktop computers requiring removal.

National clothing retailer

Following a recent company restructure, this company required the removal of more than 20cbm of current, end of life and faulty computing equipment prior to moving.

Automotive parts manufacturer

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove the contents of a store room containing end of life servers and routers from a company that was relocating to new premises.

Lighting manufacturer

1800RECYCLE® was called to offer a solution to a company that was achieving ISO accreditation by installing 240L eWaste bins for wire and circuit boards.

Community services provider

This well established, national community services provider is an 1800RECYCLE® regular client. We are called regularly to remove eWaste and electronics.

Electronics manufacturer

Following on from a consolidation of offices and warehouses, this required six pallets of rack mountable and redundant electronic components to be removed.

Recruitment company

Previously unused space in this client's office was used to store old servers and IT equipment. More office space was required resulting in 1800RECYCLE® being called.

IT solutions provider

1800RECYCLE® was called after a week long company wide cleanout to remove and recycle over 7CBM of IT equipment from client sites and warranty returns.

Health charity

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove and data erase five years of accumulated IT equipment from the server room of this charity. They are now a regular customer.

Law firm

1800RECYCLE® were approached to solve the problem of data being kept in storage by offering data destruction services to 300+ hard disks using degaussing.

Educational institute

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove 50+ desktop computers, switches, routers and servers after a consolidation of classrooms and offices to a central location.

Food franchise

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove old computer equipment generated from a recent computer system upgrade ensuring the server room was kept clutter free.

Machinery supplier

Global machinery supplier required end of life IT equipment to be recycled using the option to drop off their equipment directly to our factory.

HR & Payroll consultancy

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove 30+ desktop computers, laptops and rack mount servers including small printers from a client that was disposing of end of life equipment.

Mobile phone manufacturer

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove end of life IT equipment dating back to the 90's stored in the IT engineers development lab in preparation for a major office relocation.

Performing arts

This client regularly uses the multisite collection services of 1800RECYCLE® to collect computers and eWaste from different CBD locations on the same day.

Computer shop

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove 25+ computers, laptops and 200kgs of cables, PCB's, hard disks, power supplies, CPU's and other eWaste sundries.

Higher education college

Due to a recent closure, all computers and IT equipment were returned to Melbourne resulting in 300+ surplus computers, routers and servers requiring removal.

Travel booking company

A recent office closure and operations being transferred to Sydney required the removal of IT equipment and secure data destruction of data on all assets.

Software support group

This CBD based client in the midst of downsizing operations required 15+ years of surplus, end of life and faulty computer equipment to be responsibly recycled.

Data centre closure

Following on from a recent acquisition, this web hosting company was left with 1.5T of surplus SUN microsystems, Hitachi SAN and DELL servers requiring removal.

Car parts manufacturer

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove over 9CBM or 1.2T of end of life server, desktop and IT equipment from a facility that manufacturers car parts.

Online travel booking

This client recently consolidated offices back to a central location requiring removal of surplus IT equipment, LCD screens and servers within a strict timeframe.

Hotel chain

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove and recycling eWaste and computers from a hotel chain that decommissioned end of life computers from internal business centres.

Property developer

This customer called 1800RECYCLE® to remove it's fleet of laptops, servers and desktop computers as a result of a recent computer upgrade.

Plastic card manufacturer

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove two pallets of end of life and faulty computer equipment from a warehouse that designs and manufacturers plastic cards.

Pharmaceutical company

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove and recycle eWaste comprising of laptops, LCD screens, desktop computers, printers and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Computer IT consultants

1800RECYCLE® was called to recycle eWaste from an IT consulting company that was storing in excess of 30+ end of life desktop computers in their office.

State school

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove in excess of 80+ desktop computers, routers, switches, cables and LCD screens from a Victorian state school.

Container manufacturer

This customer was relocating to a new office when the team at 1800RECYCLE® was called to remove 3 cubic metres of eWaste stored over a period of 10 years.

Secondary school

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove in excess of 100+ desktops, servers and SAN equipment totaling 1.56T. Equipment was stored in various rooms around the IT lab.

Resources company

1800RECYCLE® was called to remove high-end data centre blade servers, mid range servers and tape libraries from a national resources company.

Community services

This well known provider of community services engaged 1800RECYCLE® to remove desktop computers, laptops and IT devices after a recent PC upgrade.

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