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Do you have a minimum collection quantity or cost?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® uses a simple, fuss free pricing structure starting from only $ 60.00 which includes collection of 1x computer, 1x LCD computer screen up to 19” in size, 1x keyboard and 1x mouse. (Applies to inner Melbourne collections only).

Computer cables, loose parts and mobile phones are collected free. We can also offer data erasing services starting from as low as $ 9.00 per hard disk drive.

Do you collect computers from homes and small business?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® actively collects computers and eWaste from homes and apartments across Melbourne.

We collect all types of consumer electronics such as Hi-Fi equipment, televisions and computers.

What happens to my computer after you collect it?

1800RECYCLE® is a complete end of life recycler meaning we will never ask if your computer or electronic items work or not.

We collect and then assess each and every collection for the best recycling option which may include reusing, recycling, refurbishing or donating.

Can you provide a full audit report on items collected?

Yes. Depending on the level of collection and recycling service you are requesting, 1800RECYCLE® can barcode scan all items collected.

We provide a complete audit and inventory list of items collected that you can use for asset management reports or internal audits.

Which data erasing option should I choose?

The best way to determine the data erasing option is to determine the level of sensitivity of the data stored on the computer. If the data is not personal or business then a simple 3-Pass wipe will be sufficient.

Data that is personal or highly classified should be magnetically degaussed destroying the drive in the process. 1800RECYCLE® can also physically destroy the data by melting down the components of the hard disk that contain data for the best environmental outcome.

Can you leave bins onsite for future collection?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® can leave 240L wheelie bins onsite that are easy to maneuver around the office and make for easy roll on, roll off collections.

We can include a lock to secure your eWaste and undertake schedules collection milk runs.

What do you do with my data?

Customers that book a collection with 1800RECYCLE® are asked if they require personal data or sensitive commercial data erased or destroyed at time of booking.

If customers opt not to choose a data erasing service the hard disk may be destroyed, reused, resold or erased for use in another computer at a later date.

My computers are scattered across the office, will you still collect?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® works closely with removalists and office managers and understands that computers can be stored across multiple locations.

Please contact us if you are not sure as collections are timed for quick and efficient arrival and removal. Extra time may need to be allocated depending on your situation.

Do you resell computers?

Yes. Depending on the model, age and type of computer the best environmental outcome is to always attempt a reuse or refurbish on computers and electronics.

Some computers are pulled apart to repair others and some are upgraded to perform better making them more useful as a refurbished second hand computer.

Do you donate anything?

At this time, 1800RECYCLE® acknowledges that there are many organisations actively involved in the social enterprise space of donating computers; therefore we do not actively donate.

We have given away computers free however evaluated on a case by case basis.


How do I pay for a collection?

1800RECYCLE® accepts cash on pick up or we can invoice you for payment via EFT. Receipts are sent to the email address provided when a collection is booked online.

EFTPOS and credit card payment options will be available shortly.

Do you export your eWaste?

No. 1800RECYCLE® only partners with Australian based ISO9001, ISO14001 and R2 certified downstream recyclers giving you complete confidence that we only deal with local Australian based eWaste recyclers.

Can you collect Australia wide?

Not at the moment but we’re working on it. 1800RECYCLE® actively collects and recycles computers and eWaste across Melbourne with a nation wide roll out planned in the not too distant future.

Stay tuned for any announcements.

How should I package or prepare for a collection?

The best way to package and prepare for a collection is to first ensure that all loose items such as cables, power packs, accessories and parts are stored inside a bag or small box.

Other large items such as computers or printers can be stacked or stored side by side as 1800RECYCLE® will transport them into secure cages inside our vehicle.

Do you collect and recycle computers for free?

Yes, however it depends on the mix of items you have and the total quantity of computer items in your inventory. Please call 1800RECYCLE® and discuss your inventory to determine if you qualify for a free computer collection or free eWaste collection.

Do you have a drop off location?

Although 1800RECYCLE® is a roaming, at call collection and recycling service demand for a drop off location is extremely high.

If you wish to drop items off, please contact the 1800RECYCLE® eWaste recycling service department where you can easily access for free computer drop off and recycling of eWaste.

Do you collect from high rise apartments?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® collects from all offices and high rise apartment buildings. Please first check with your body corporate or building manager for access to the goods lift.

Many customers have left computers and electronics in storage cages for quick collection.

Do you recycle CD's / DVD's?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® collects CD’s and DVD’s and shreds them into small particles or we ay destroy the readable layer by melting the plastic platter disk.

Do you collect batteries?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® collects normal domestic grade AA, AAA, C, D and 9v batteries found in consumer electronics and computers.

Do I need to remove the hard disk drive prior to collection?

No. 1800RECYCLE® does not read the drive or look at any data once a computer is collected.

All drives are removed, checked and undergo a process of determining a reuse or recycling outcome.

What exactly goes into landfill?

Almost all of the computers and electronics we collect can be recycled but materials such as foam, plastic sheets, wood, rubber, software cases and adhesive backed hooks may be discarded.

Do you collect after hour's?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® works closely with IT departments and removalists that operate at irregular hours to meet the relocation deadline of the clients we are servicing.

If you require an after hour’s collection please let us know and we may offer a difference solution such as weekend collections.


What suburbs do you service?

1800RECYCLE® collects and recycles computers across most of inner Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

It’s always best to call us with your location if you are outside of the Melbourne metro area.

Can you erase my data?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® offers a complete range of certified data destruction services to simple wiping to complete physical destruction for top secret commercially sensitive information.

1800RECYCLE® data erasing starts at $ 9.00 per hard disk drive. Simply call us and discuss options for destroying your personal or commercially sensitive data.

Are you a licensed second hand good dealer?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® is a licensed second hand dealer, licensed to trade in copper, gold, non ferrous metals and second hand goods.

Do you collect and shred paper?

No. 1800RECYCLE® does not collect or shred paper or sensitive documents.

Can I drop off my computer for recycling?

Not at the moment however the team at 1800RECYCLE® are currently meeting popular demand to open a recycling drop off centre for computers and eWaste in the near future.

Do you offer milk run collections?

1800RECYCLE® currently undertakes scheduled milk run computer and eWaste collections across many companies across Melbourne. Simply call 1800RECYCLE® to discuss the frequency, type and weight of your computers or eWaste requiring a regular weekly or monthly collection.

Do you collect toner cartridges for recycling?

Yes. If you have a few toner cartridges and have a pre-booked a 1800RECYCLE® collection we can collect toner cartridges free of charge.

If you require toner collected without a pre-booked computer or eWaste collection 1800RECYCLE® can collect toner cartridges for as low as $ 1.90 per cartridge. Minimums apply.

Can you buy my computer?

Yes. If you have bulk quantities of ex lease or new computer equipment 1800RECYCLE® can appraise your inventory and offer to buy your stock.

We are a licensed second hand dealer so you will have peace of mind we operate with strict ethics and fair pricing.

My computer is faulty, will you still collect it?

Yes. 1800RECYCLE® will never ask if your computer is working when collecting from you so you can have complete confidence that no matter the condition providing the computer or electronics are intact we will collect.

Do you collect electrical goods?

No. 1800RECYCLE® does not collect white goods such as washing machines, fridges and kitchen appliances.

I'm not always home and want to organise a computer recycling collection?

Many 1800RECYCLE® customers are happy to leave computers and electronics away from street view hidden behind fences or inside garages and other not visible areas.

Simply let us know where the items are and we will pass by and collect. Payment can be left inside an envelope or we can invoice you for larger invoicing amounts.

How do you erase my data?

1800RECYCLE® can erase your data using a DoD 3-Pass or 7-Pass wipe, NSA certified magnetic degaussing or physical destruction of the drive by melting the platters in a furnace.