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About us

1800RECYCLE® is the result of mixing a global problem with an audacious founder that's striving to be Australia's leading eWaste computer recycling company.

Dissatisfied with the antiquated kerb side and dumpster system, 1800RECYCLE® was founded to provide a better way to recycle eWaste and computers.

1800RECYCLE® operates with agility and independence allowing us to make fast, customer service orientated decisions that repeatedly improve our services.

Today, the 1800RECYCLE® focus is our mantra; You Call - We Collect™, it's our reason for being.

Marco Ferlaino - Founder, Director.


What we do

1800RECYCLE® is a convenient mobile service that collects and recycles eWaste from offices, homes, educational and government customers in Melbourne.

How it's done

You Call - We Collect™. Simply contact us for responsive answers to your questions and current collection schedule. Leave it to us, we do all the work. Try us today!

Our difference

We're always energetic, communicative, dependable and do all the work leaving you more organised while unlocking more usable storage space.

What we believe

All waste electronic equipment has value sometimes as a whole system, sometimes as parts and sometimes as raw materials such as metals and plastics.

We understand the intrinsic value of the parts inside electronic waste which guides us into making the right decision regarding the best way to recycle it.

1800RECYCLE® enforces a strict chain of custody by only partnering with Australian based downstream recyclers. This gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your assets will be recycled responsibly.

Guided by strong environmental beliefs, we are working hard to ensure that our brand is always consistently trusted.

We're in business for good.

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Our team

Marco - Director

Founder of 1800RECYCLE® including DataZero™ data destruction services.

Mario - Co Driver

High rise building construction experience makes Mario our materials handling expert.

Nadia - Customer Care

Human resources and office administration skills ensures Nadia keeps us working on time.

John - Co Driver

Skilled in custom metal works and manufacturing makes John responsible with our scrap metal.

Mike - Co Driver

Not just a removals expert, Mike knows how to move and pack heavy IT equipment.